September 2017
The premier international platform supporting Iran's refining and petrochemical industry's growth and expansion
The premier international platform supporting Iran’s refining and petrochemical industry’s growth and expansion

With the much anticipated sanction relief “implementation day” expected imminently, the eyes of the oil and gas world are firmly on Iran.

With the second largest global supply of conventional natural gas reserves, much of which is rich in ethane, huge opportunities are presented for the Iranian petrochemical sector. The Iranian National Petrochemical Company (NPC) recently stated that ‘increasing petrochemical production as the main policy of Iran’s petrochemical sector in the county’s Sixth Five-Year National Development Plan (2016 2021)’. Moreover with approximately $30 billion of investment opportunities having been identified for the sector, sanction removal is guaranteed to attract a wealth of foreign investment to expedite the completion of projects.

Looking to Refining, the country’s assets are in desperate need of repairs and modernization after the sanctions stopped many upgrade projects in their tracks, and thus have restricted the country’s access to technology. Resuming these projects and business in Iran is high on the agenda for international service and technology companies to help Iran’s refineries close the gap between their gasoline consumption and capacity. Furthermore, the hope is that Iran’s ambitious Siraf Refinery Project, a $2.8 billion private sector investment project for eight new refineries, could turn to foreign companies to meet their financial and technological needs, and for advancement of the project.

The inaugural Iran Downstream Summit & Exhibition will be the premier international platform supporting Iran’s refining and petrochemical players in their growth and expansion. The summit will bring together key Iranian stakeholders with international downstream technology service providers, whilst showcasing Iran’s vast potential as a downstream investment destination.



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